How to watch: Livestreamed to Awesome Con and Rose City Comic Con on Facebook | VOD available after live date on YouTube 

Panel description: Looking to take your in-person Tabletop Role-Playing Game (TTRPG) group online due to COVID-19? Looking to start an online game as an outlet during the time of social distancing? There are many aspects of a TTRPG that change when a game enters the virtual space, and which can become more complicated during a time of elevated stress and loneliness. The goal of this panel is to give attendees the tools they need to re-examine their approach to running or playing a TTRPG online. This panel will cover logistics and planning, personal considerations, and techniques for both players and DM’s during a session. The conversation will focus on 5e Dungeons & Dragons, but many of the topics discussed will be applicable to any TTRPG system. Familiarity with TTRPG concepts such as character sheets, dice rolling, maps, and virtual tabletops is encouraged. Presented by Justin Johnston – an IT Consultant and Professional DM with four years of experience at events such as Awesome Con and MAGFest. A Baltimore native and resident of the greater DC area, Justin is passionate about collaboration and communication at the table.

Panelists: Justin Johnston

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Friday, September 11
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