How to watch: Livestreamed to Awesome Con and Rose City Comic Con on Facebook | VOD available after live date on YouTube 

Panel description: The professional Dungeon Masters from Portland’s own Orcs! Orcs! Orcs! D&D collective will share their tips for gaming in these strange times. Discussion topics will include: the pros and cons of different online gaming platforms; ways to adjust your gaming style to fit the new paradigm; and using podcasts, memes, blogs, and message boards to enhance remote engagement. As always, the session will also include a Q&A on all things D&D. The gang is hoping for as much audience participation as possible, so join in and help them make it as raucous as possible online!

Panelists: Law Johnson, Mikayla Ebel, Dana Ebert, Dan Smith

Please note – event times are in PDT

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Sunday, September 13
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