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Panel description: Lord of the Rings is often viewed through the lens of a single epic quest/hero’s journey: the mission to destroy the One Ring. But there are other quests in the story–e.g., Aragorn’s striving for kingship, Boromir’s misguided vision-driven quest, Gandalf’s agenda against First Age level problems, Eowyn’s fight to be the hero of her own story. How do these secondary quests both interact and stay in their lanes? And what about quests in other stories that don’t track the Campbell-style hero’s journey? LOTR was itself an innovation in the standard model of the quest, with an object to be destroyed instead of retrieved. What are other variations that we see within the Tolkien legendarium and elsewhere?

Panelists: Tom Doyle, Sarah Avery, James Enge, Anthony Lioi

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Sunday, September 13
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